maandag 14 mei 2012


Another school related post. We had to make a pop art self portrait. I've always wanted to make a photo of me with my lips covered in disco candy. Soooo this was like THE perfect opportunity. I was trying to look doll-ish, startled, absent. I don't know if I succeeded. I didn't alter the result afterwards to make it more pop arty, I was really focussed on making that photograph and get it through photoshop. Maybe because of my background as photographer? Who knows.

The last picture is the one I used for my school assignment. It's taken with my DSLR (Nikon D50), the others I took with my little compact camera (some Sony). They're a tad darker because I don't have the ability to change the lighting options. But I actually like the fact that my eyes are so dark, like almost black. I took hundreds of photos. Not kidding. I was just never satisfied.

And no, I didn't enlarge my eyes, I accentuated them.

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  1. Great idea! Cool pictures. Good luck with the assignment!

    1. Thanks! :D This post is actually from a while ago, the assignment went great ;)
      I actually don't use this blog anymore (why it's still online then? good question) BUT I do have a new blog together with my best friend: , feel free to check it out.


  2. Wauw! That's what I call great homework.
    So nice! I really like your expression! Haha like you don't even notice there are little dots on your lips! :D
    Nice post.