dinsdag 17 april 2012

Schoolwork sundays.

 So last Sunday was quite interesting. We had this deadline on Monday to finish a brochure on pop art (Andy Warhol, you all familiar). It's a part of our "thesis". Not a thesis like the ones where you have to write a million pages, but like a final "piece of work" to get your degree. I'm studying graphic design at Syntra right now, maybe I should have said that first. I always kind of start telling something in the middle of the story, instead of explaining people the crucial information first. So, just get used to it, mmmkey?

Of course it had been Easter holidays for the past two weeks which resulted in me spending time with my boyfriend instead of me working for school. Duh. Nevertheless that brochure needed to be finished. Or at least a final preview needed to be finished, it has to be really really finished by tomorrow. But I didn't want to make a brohure in Indesign. I didn't want to set up eight (facing) pages and fill it with a lot of crap you find on the internet about pop art. I wanted to do something else so I started thinking: what IS pop art? And actually, pop art is a whole bunch of stuff that aren't really too serious. Yay for that! The "first" piece of pop art was made by Richard Hamilton and it's called: "Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?". I love it that the title is like a random thought of the creator. It's also a collage and I LOVE collages.

So I decided to make a collage myself. Sort of a collage-brochure. The word collage now sounds so funny in my head, ihihihi. Pop art artists also take advantage of already existing elements and materials within reach. They don't try to make a super meaningful piece of art. They want to bring art to the people and out of the museums. They want to show in their art how prosperous the post-war society actually was. They don't want to criticize mass production, they use it as inspiration.

For my brochure I used an already existing magazine (thank you Sjiek Magazine, HBvL), ripped out some pages and wrapped it in some red with white polka dots wrapping paper. I always get my wrapping paper at Hema, they have the most lovely prints! Not that I buy wrapping paper thàt much though. For my cover photo I used an image of Astrid Bryan which I edited to give that typical pop art feel to it. She does look a bit like Michael Jackson now. I think it's because her nose is almost invisible (sorry Michael) and 'cause of her cheekbones. For content I used images I found in magazines.

Anywho, my teacher loved it. Ok he didn't use the word "love", but he did say I should keep it this way and not change a thing about it! Yay! Maybe only print my cover photo on some glossy photo paper, which I totally agreed on. We just didn't have any anymore, and well stores are closed on Sunday. So I'll do that today! And dye my hair turquoise. And I have to find a way to 'reproduce' my brochure, so I'll have to photograph it or scan it.

Here are some snapshots of the making off and the final result! Photographs off the final result aren't that great though, I'll photograph it again in school in the studio.

Oh and feel free to drop me a line on how you feel about it! It doesn't mean my teacher likes it, that I don't want to hear some other opinions. 

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