zaterdag 14 april 2012

Un jour à Luxembourg.

Yesterday, me and my friend visited the city of Luxembourg to rob the Ladurée shop. Well, not quite rob...but you get the point. We've always wanted to feel a little like Blair and eat a whole bunch of macarons. Instead of making them our own (as if we are great cooks) we just went to the nearest shop. In Luxembourg that is.

I got up waaaay too early, is 6am even morning yet, and headed to my friends place in Maasmechelen. Luxembourg is a two hour drive which we filled with loudly singing along to the radio. We couldn't be tongue-tied of all the wonderfull views because it was too foggy to see a damn thing.

Luxembourg isn't a very big city and when we arrived it seemed like we were the only two people there. So quiet! We parked our car and tried to find the Ladurée shop. Actually that wasn't very hard. After a two minute walk we already bumped into it. It's very petite and has a mint green facade. What not to love! After a lot of "Ooooh's" and "Aaaah's" and "Ooh look at that's!" and photographs we finally entered the shop. Although the shop is very petite, there were three smiling faces standing in front of us. They were probably laughing because we were acting like two total retards outside. Sofie explained it was our first time in Luxembourg and that we wanted to buy some macarons. I was too busy being startled. The very friendly smiling lady explained we first had to choose a little box for the macarons and afterwards the flavors we wanted. Oooh the joy! We both chose a rectangular box which can contain six macarons. No ordinary box, a beautifully decorated box with the Ladurée logo, in a variety of colors. As for the flavors I chose Raspberry, Rose Petal, Pistache, Coffee, Vanilla and Chocolate-Banana. They all were very good but my absolute favourite was pistache! Not only for the mint green color, I just really love pistache. But I must add I wasn't really blown away when eating my macarons. Maybe they just couldn't rise too my, very high, expectations?

For the rest of the day we strolled through the streets of Luxembourg and concluded that this city really wasn't very big. So after all that strolling, eating all our macarons and eating a very disappointing croque hawaii (after the macarons ofcourse) we decided it sure was a good idea to buy ANOTHER box of macarons. So base camp (read: home) could have some too. We've spent 30 Euros on macarons, but it was worth it, even though I'm not really convinced about the greatness of macarons. They sure look pretty and ah well, they ARE yummy. I shouldn't wine that much.

Oh and on our way home we made a quick stop at Chaudfontaine, because Sofie really wanted to visit the giant clothespin at Parc Chaudfontaine. Really cool actually! Let me indulge you into some pictures. I was wearing my new pink Zara pants and my new FAVOURITE shoes EVER from Urban Outfitters.

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